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CIPC Funding in Opposition Constituencies: The AHTC Experience

Facebook Post dated 23 Oct 2019:

In his Facebook post of 19 Oct 2019, Mr Chua Eng Leong, Grassroots Adviser, Aljunied GRC alleged that I had made “unsubstantiated comments” about the delays to the completion of the Barrier Free Access (BFA) ramp at Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road. He also stated that my comments were “politically divisive” and “factually inaccurate”. He also argued that any insinuation of a delay to the completion of the BFA ramp because it was mooted by the opposition was “unjustifiable”.  Finally he stated that it was “politically mischievous” to suggest proposals by (opposition) MPs were commonly ignored by the CCC.

In light of these serious allegations, I have collated a substantive summary of all communication pertaining to CIPC funding since 2012 that I have sent to or received from PA-appointees – from Grassroots Advisers, CCC Chairmen, PA Constituency Directors and CCC appointed consultants since 2012 for public scrutiny. The facts speak for themselves. Mr Chua’s position on the matter is untenable.

Non-exhaustive TL;DR of CIPC communication –

  1. CCC fully aware of AHTC’s proposal for Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road BFA ramp and Blk 633 Bedok Reservoir Road shelter from 2012.
  2. Multiple chasers sent by AHTC MP to PA representatives over seven years, including calls for meetings with PA representatives, Grassroots Advisers or CCC representatives.
  3. AHTC’s new CIPC proposals dating 2016 ignored, despite repeat reminders.

As I stated in my original post, no matter who is in Government or who is in the opposition, Singapore and Singaporeans deserve better.

Useful Links:

  1. Summary of CIPC-related communication:
  2. Written answer by MND on disbursement of CIPC funding:
Date Source Remarks
4 Apr 2012 Pritam Singh Email to PA Constituency Director querying:

1.    Cancelled CIPC projects carried over from previous Town Council.

2.    Need for linkway for residents of Blk 633 to MSCP and Blk 108 BFA and whether CCC would be willing to consider these two projects for the upcoming year.

29 April 2012 Pritam Singh Email to PA Constituency Director on proposal dated 4 Apr 2012. No reply.
3 Jun 2012 Pritam Singh Email to PA Constituency Director on proposal dated 4 Apr 2012. No reply.
5 Jun 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Zainal Abidin Rasheed, PA Adviser to Eunos GROs on two CIPC proposals for Eunos, namely linkway at Blk 633 and Blk 108 BFA.
14 Jun 2012 Zainal Abidin (former MP for Eunos, Aljunied GRC) Entire email reply:

“Warm Greetings. We will be working to work with anyone for the benefit of residents. There is already an established procedure for CIPC funding n I suggest we keep to that”

14 Jun 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Zainal enquiring:

1.     Any specific forms to fill out for proposals, and specifically what the established procedure is.

2.    Plans PA has for CIPC specific projects and invitation to PA to team up with Aljunied-Hougang Town Council to bring CIPC projects to fruition.

14 Jun 2012 Zainal Abidin Email to Pritam on queries:

1.    For proposals for possible CIPC funding, write to CCC.

2.    Blk 633 linkway. Acknowledged previous resident feedback but there were difficulties such as siting of overhead shelter too close to 2nd floor homes. “However if you feel strongly abt it and would like to resurface it, pls put up yr proposal to the CCC or HDB.”

3.    On Blk 108 BFA, “previous TC had also done some other BFA on their own without needing to resort to CIPC. Please ask the TC to do it, as it does not require a large budget.”

Email reply to Zainul from Pritam on 15 June 2012. “I will do so (put up both projects)”.

17 Jul 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman:

1.    Request for CIPC funding to construct overhead shelter to connect Blk 633 to 635 to overcome difficulties in building a shelter from 633 to 634.

2.    Enquire if any additional submission relevant to proposal is required.

5 Nov 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman enquiring:

1.    Status of overhead shelter request for Blk 633

2.    Which projects were raised for CIPC funding for the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC prior to May 2011. Town Council would like to bring these projects to fruition to benefit all residents.

3.    Requested meeting to discuss matter at a time of CCC Chairman’s convenience.

23 Nov 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Zainal Abidin:

1.    No update on correspondence 6 months ago re: CIPC funding for linkway.

“…as you would know, I have written on this matter on a number of occasions, but no reply has been forthcoming. Would you be so kind to drop a note to the CCC Chairman on my behalf, so the Town Council can discuss the specifics of how to improve the living environment in Eunos? That would be much appreciated.”

23 Nov 2012 Zainal Abidin Email to Pritam Singh

“…with reference to yr email below, I suppose it is now superceded by Mr Sim’s reply to your earlier email. I am sure Mr X (Eunos CCC Chairman) will give your request it’s due attention.”

23 Nov 2012 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam Singh:

“We are currently awaiting MND’s notification for next year’s CIPC budget and will give your request due consideration.”

Email to Eunos CCC Chairman from Pritam Singh on same date enquiring:

1.    Likely date/month information would be made available by MND going by past experience.

2.    Allocation of CIPC budget for Aljunied GRC for current year.

3.    Prospect of a joint meeting to prioritize projects in joint consultation with CCC “from hereon. Let me know what is a good date or time to meet up.”

27 Nov 2012 Pritam Singh Email to Zainal:

“I have sent another mail to Mr X (Eunos CCC Chairman) with some queries…I hope a response is forthcoming in view of the 6 month wait so far. Needless to say, as intimated earlier, I am willing to meet to discuss this in person so as to reach an understanding that does not subject residents to bureaucratic or political red tape. Do let me know how we can best achieve this.”

18 Mar 2013 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam Singh:

1.    Apologizes for late reply to queries.

2.    Reiterates support for funding for Blk 108 BFA and shelter for Blk 634. Informs that MND/HDB not supportive for Blk 633/634 shelter/linkway when former Aljunied GRC MP Zainal raised issue because “residents in the lower floors were concerned about their apartments’ safety.”

3.    MND to advise CCCs on CIPC in the new financial year. “We will get back to you once MND has advised.”

25 Jun 2013 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman enquiring possible meeting date. Open to hosting CCC Chairman at Town Council office at Blk 136 Bedok Reservoir Road.
27 Jun 2013 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam Singh:

“I am in active discussion with HDB and my fellow grassroots volunteers on the matter, to ensure that good CIPC projects will continue to be carried out in Aljunied GRC for the benefit of residents. I seek your understanding and patience on the matter.”

Email to CCC Chairman on same day:

Reminder that first email on 2 CIPC proposals was 14 months ago. Propose to meet, since residents give feedback to both RCs under PA and to MP through Town Council. Request to discuss Blk 108 BFA and shelter at Blk 633/634.

Email reply from CCC Chairman on 28 Jun 2013 – “we should be able to meet soon but not at this point in time.”

15 July 2013 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam Singh:

1.    Confirms Eunos CCC proposing linkway projects at Blk 108 and 634 for CIPC funding.

2.    Other CCCs in Aljunied GRC / Hougang / Punggol East had shortlisted CIPC projects for submission to MND. AHPETC would have to maintain these as common estate property.

3.    To highlight by end-July if AHPETC wishes to raise some deserving project.

Email to CCC Chairman on same day:

1.    Request for a face-to-face meeting to discuss matter after CCC Chairman’s return from medical leave.

25 Jul 2013 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam confirming meeting between Victor Lye (Bedok Reservoir – Punggol), Raymond Lye (Punggol East), Eunos CCC Chairman and PA Constituency Director on 7 Aug at WaWaWa Bistro at Bedok Reservoir.
7 Aug 2013 Meeting Minutes as recorded by Secretarial Assistant to MP Pritam Issues discussed (amongst others):

1.    How is a proposal put forward to CCC and MND if TC is interested?

–       There is a form but a lack of guidelines on how to fill the form.

–       Issue is not specific to Eunos division but entire Aljunied GRC

–       Victor Lye suggests that ideas be taken to individual CCCs.

2.    MND provides funding to CCC for 90% of the cost, while CCC is responsible for coming up with the remaining 10%. Pritam suggests that Town Council come on board these projects, and provides funding for the remaining 10%.

3.    Victor says the Town Council’s deadline for CIPC proposal submission for other wards in Aljunied is around the end of August 2013.

7 Aug 2013 Eunos CCC Letter to AHPETC Chairman Sylvia Lim on 14 proposed CIPC projects (includes 2 proposals put up by Pritam for Eunos in April 2012)
14 Aug 2013 Pritam Singh Email to Victor Lye to follow up on joint racial harmony emergency committee as raised at meeting on 7 Aug 2013. No reply.
30 Aug 2013 AHTC Letter to Eunos CCC Chairman on 52 proposed CIPC proposals from Hougang SMC and Aljunied GRC MPs.
11 Oct 2013 Eunos CCC Chairman Letter to Pritam informing that out of 52 proposals, CCC would be putting up 17 to CIPC Committee, including some put up by AHPETC.
9 Aug 2014 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman on:

1.    Large number of anti-haze masks sponsored by Temasek Cares given to each AHPETC MP. Offer to give a box each to Eunos RCs through PA.

2.    No update of CIPC projects CCC was supposed to put up in 2013.

3.    Town Council wishes to put up new nominations for FY14/15 and requests a meeting on this matter and an update with regard to last year’s nominations.

9 Aug 2014 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam:

1.    Will check and revert on CIPC nominations as soon as possible.

2.    No requirement for anti-haze masks as grassroots had already distributed them to all households and welfare homes.

18 Oct 2014 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman querying status of nominations for last year and new nominations for current year.
1 Nov 2014 Eunos CCC Chairman Email to Pritam:

1.    CCC has appointed Implementing Consultant (IC). IC working on scope of works required for sites for 2013 proposals.

2.    CCC will work with designated TC staff if any queries and update Pritam accordingly.

Email reply to Eunos CCC Chairman on same day from Pritam querying when a meeting can be held to determine CIPC nominations for current year.

17 Nov 2014 Pritam Singh Email to Eunos CCC Chairman enquiring about a meeting to discuss CIPC nominations for FY 14/15 and to confirm results of 2013 nominations.
3 Mar 2015 PA Constituency Director Email to Secretary AHPETC to seek a meeting on 5 Mar or 6 Mar to discuss CIPC projects.
6 Mar 2015 Secretary, AHPETC Email to Pritam Singh on meeting with PA Constituency Director and 2013 CCC nominations for CIPC funding. No specific difficulty raised for 2 Eunos projects.

All 2013 CCC proposals to be tendered out as a “design and build project” in April 2015. Consultants to CCC confirmed.

12 Nov 2015 Pritam Singh Reminder to CCC’s appointed consultant about status of linkway between Blk 633-635 (sic. 633-634)
2 Nov 2015 CCC’s appointed Consultant Email to Pritam Singh and AHTC GM:

“we are in the process of submitting to MND to obtain fund for CIPC projects.”

“MND requires us to submit the undertaking to take over for maintenance with the clear indication of the scope of work for the project therefore the previous undertaking letter which was given two years ago (by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council) could not be used for the submission. Appreciate your assistance to provide letter of undertaking for maintenance of each and every project.”

30 Nov 2015 CCC’s appointed Consultant Email to Pritam Singh:

“we had informed Eunos CCC regarding change of linkway location. The revised costing had already submitted to Eunos CCC to prepare their submission.”

15 Jan 2016 CCC’s appointed Consultant Email from Consultant to Pritam Singh, addressed to GM AHTC:

Confirms linkway changed to Blk 633 to 635. Requires amendment to letter of undertaking by TC “to make it consistent with the application form.”

7 Mar 2016 Pritam Singh Email to CCC’s appointed consultant:

Request for update on commencement date of CIPC projects in view of resident feedback.

7 Mar 2016 CCC’s appointed Consultant Email to Pritam Singh:

Contract awarded. PA Constituency Director to arrange first meeting with grassroots leaders.

6 May 2016 Pritam Singh Email to CCC’s appointed consultant to request for an update.
13 Jul 2016 Pritam Singh Email to Constituency Director

CIPC proposal to put up all the children’s playgrounds in front of PAP Community Foundation facilities (kindergartens etc.) in Aljunied-Hougang town up for upgrading in line with Government’s call for more challenging playgrounds in HDB estates.

Reply by PA Constituency Director on 15 Jul 2016 to Pritam Singh: “we will get back shortly.”

29 Nov 2016 CCC’s appointed Consultant Email to GM AHTC:

Consultant confirms that for the two Eunos projects – the linkway at Blk 633-635 and the Blk 108 BFA, “adviser of the cluster needed more time to communicate with residents.”

14 Jun 2017 GM, AHTC Email to CCC’s appointed Consultant to arrange for a meeting on 22 Jun 2017 for an update on progress and schedule.

Meeting took place.

17 Jul 2017 GM, AHTC Email to CCC’s appointed Consultant:

“to date we have not received any further updates with regards to submission for approval to relevant authorities for Blk 633 to 635 linkway and BFA at Blk 108 in Eunos division.”

28 Aug 2017 Constituency Director, PA Aljunied and Hougang CCCs seek Town Council’s agreement to maintain and upkeep 5 BFA ramps in Bedok-Reservoir Punggol division, 2 BFA ramp in Paya Lebar division, 1 linkway in Bedok-Reservoir division and 2 BFA ramps in Hougang SMC, as proposed by CCCs for new round of CIPC funding.
4 Sep 2017 GM, AHTC Town Council communicates to PA – No objection to CCC’s new BFA and linkway proposals, subject to confirmation relevant to AHTC’s maintenance related responsibilities, post-construction.

Town Council reminds PA, no update to TC Chairman’s (Pritam Singh) email requesting information on 2013 CIPC projects. Informed PA that CCC’s appointed consultant and contractors have shared that they are awaiting approvals from CCC to proceed.

Town Council reminds PA that TC Chairman wrote to PA on 13 Jul 2017 (correction: 13 Jul 2016) to discuss upgrading of playgrounds close to PCF kindergartens. On 15 July 2017 (correction 15 Jul 2016), PA Constituency Director responded to say it would reply.

Despite reminders and emails, no reply forthcoming to date.

16 Oct 2017 Pritam Singh Email to CIPC Exco, MND.

Informed committee that AHTC has not received any indication whether all 2013 CIPC projects would be proceeding.

Shared that CCC’s appointed consultant has communicated with TC that approval has not been given for CIPC projects for AHTC that were already pre-approved.

Request to CIPC Exco:

1.    Intercede and confirm which CIPC projects would not be carried out and why?

2.    Request CCC to reply to TC GM’s email on projects recommended by CCC.

3.    Discuss TC’s CIPC proposals re:upgrading of playgrounds outside PCF kindergartens.

26 Oct 2017 CIPC Exco Chairman “Thank you for your email. I have asked the relevant CCCs from Aljunied and Hougang to look into your requests. You may wish to check with them on your queries. Thank you.”
10 Nov 2017 Pritam Singh Email to CIPC Exco Chairman. Aside to PA Grassroot Adviser for Aljunied GRC, Victor Lye:

“….please see the Town Council’s request for information on the status of the approved CIPC projects from 2013. In addition to the TC’s queries on its playgrounds upgrading proposal, and finally our request for information and position on the latest proposals by the CCC. Do let me know if you require any information in this regard and I will endeavor to provide the needful. An early reply, in light of the significant delay/s would be appreciated. Thank you.”

10 Nov 2017 Victor Lye “I will revert on Town Council’s request for the status of CIPC proposals”
7 Dec 2017 Victor Lye Email to Pritam Singh:

On CIPC projects from first batch of 17 originally approved by PA as announced during 2015 General Elections:

“…there are 6 ongoing CIPC projects. Another 5 projects were shelved while another one was undertaken by the LTA.”

11 Dec 2017 Pritam Singh Email to Victor Lye – Enquiry about current status of remaining CIPC projects and how soon before works would start.

Reiterate that TC ready to meet CC/CCC/CIPC personnel to discuss new CCC-approved BFA projects since their maintenance would come under TC, and separately, that TC is supportive of CCC-proposed BFA projects.

20 Dec 2017 Victor Lye Email to Pritam Singh:

Have asked PA Constituency Director to verify details further. Delays to both Eunos projects due to “design changes by the contractor”. As for Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road BFA, Constituency Director has clarified that delay was because of “Eunos CCC’s request to retain the existing staircase….subsequently, the new design by the contractor was found to be non-compliant and a new design had to be drawn up again. We are unclear as to the dates given that it is subject to the authorities approval.”

Appreciate the Town Council’s in-principle support for CCC’s BFA proposals.

8 Feb 2018 Pritam Singh Email to Victor Lye:

Enquiry on any updates from contractor on outstanding design changes and approval from various authorities.

16 April 2018 Pritam Singh Email to Victor Lye:

Query whether new design for had been approved for Blk 108 BFA.

1 May 2018 Victor Lye Email to Pritam Singh:

Had asked PA Constituency Director to check on outstanding approvals for CIPC projects. Designs approved for all, except for one (Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir BFA).

On CCC proposed BFAs, seek Town Council agreement to maintain ramps. Once approval given, will seek approval from CIPC.

3 May 2018 Pritam Singh Email to Victor Lye:

Suggest meeting with agencies involved with regard to Eunos linkway from Blk 108 BFA to move thing along more speedily. Reminder that ramp is a longstanding item that will benefit residents living in upto 8-10 blocks.

Reiterate TC’s support for CCC’s new BFA proposals. Clarify that TC requests information on materials and finishing (e.g. non-slip tiles etc.) of BFA since TC would be taking over maintenance of BFAs after construction. Advise that QS/architects/consultants can start work and TC will facilitate, but TC does require details for final approval. Gives assurance that TC will respond within 14 days upon receipt of the necessary information.

4 May 2018 Victor Lye Email to Pritam Singh:

Confirms that design for Blk 108 BFA has been approved.

Acknowledges support for CCC’s BFA proposals, subject to confirmation of materials.

24 May 2018 CCC’s appointed Consultant Confirmed in a meeting with AHTC GM that BFA for Blk 108 scheduled for completion end-2018 to Mar 2019. EU linkway from Blk 633-635 also scheduled for completion end-2018 to Mar 2019.

Consultant unable to provide update on new CCC-proposed BFA projects.

24 May 2018 Pritam Singh Feedback to PA Constituency Director about condition of futsal court located at Petal Gardens in Eunos (one of 26 community sites handed over by HDB to PA after 2011 elections) and decision to turn off lights at this court at night.

30 May 2018 – Constituency Director emails to say “we are working on the lighting issues and the repair of the futsal court.”

30 May 2018 – Query by Pritam Singh to PA Constituency Director on estimated date for completion of repair works to communicate to residents. No reply. Separately, to date, repairs not undertaken.

6 Jul 2019 Pritam Singh Email to Chua Eng Leong querying delay in the completion of Blk 108 BFA. Construction substantially completed 3-4 months earlier, but not open for resident use.
16 Jul 2019 Chua Eng Leong Entire email reply to Pritam Singh:

“It is regrettable that the project is delayed. We have done our investigations and will continue to follow up on the matter. Thank you.”

29 Jul 2019 Pritam Singh Email to Chua Eng Leong:

1.    On recent announcement of the conversion/construction of a PCF kindergarten to a Ministry of Health Senior Care facility at Blk 650, Jalan Tenaga in Eunos – In discussion between Pritam Singh and Ministry of Health officers in months prior, access difficulty to the proposed Senior Care Centre at Blk 650 was brought up.

Proposal put forward for CIPC funding for BFA at Blk 650 for ease of access for senior citizens to and from Senior Care Centre from Bedok Reservoir Road.

2.    Request for update on status of CIPC linkway approved for construction from Blk 633-635.

To date – no reply to above email.

2 Oct 2019 Pritam Singh Email to Chua Eng Leong enquiring when Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Road BFA would be open for resident use.

In late August and early September 2019, substantively constructed BFA at Blk 108 was partially demolished by CCC-appointed contractor and reconstructed.

7 Oct 2019 CCC Appointed Consultant Consultant received Certificate of Statutory Completion for Blk 108 BFA. Ready to handover BFA to Town Council on 8 Oct 2019.
16 Oct 2019 CCC Appointed Consultant Blk 108 BFA handed over to AHTC, subject to additional gas pipe diversion works by CCC appointed contractor.
19 Oct 2019 Chua Eng Leong Confirms in a Facebook post that Blk 633 to 634 (error: should be Blk 635, thus far uncorrected) linkway “should be completed in the course of next year”.


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