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Aljunied GRC: Pritam Singh – Rally Speeches

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”


Rally Speech No.1: 29 April 2011, Serangoon Stadium

My friends and fellow Singaporeans,

I am thankful to have this opportunity to speak to you.

Since independence, many opposition parties have tried hard to break the PAP’s dominance in Singapore. Many have failed. But that has not stopped the Workers’ Party from carrying on the fight on behalf of all Singaporeans.

This election, we face an opponent that is well entrenched, tough and determined. The PAP is also much more stronger, both financially and in number. But we have one strength, one power that the PAP does not have. We have the heartbeat of ordinary Singaporeans. And more importantly, we trust you. You are the reason why we are here today.

This time around, the PAP has promised Singaporeans more NCMP seats after the elections. Why? Because it knows Singaporeans want more opposition members in parliament. But the PAP wants an opposition without any teeth and without any muscle. Like the GRC system, the NCMP scheme has one main underlying purpose – to keep the opposition in Singapore weak.

But is that what you want? Do you want a weak opposition?

Or do you want a strong Workers’ Party? My friends, the Workers’ Party wants an opposition that will speak up for Singapore and Singaporeans!

In two days time, you will receive your Growth and Share bonus. I sometimes wonder, why the PAP always gives us this money a few days before election day.

I think it is because they want us to forget what has happened in Singapore in the last five years.

Since 2006, do you remember how the PAP freely opened the door to foreigners resulting in many of them competing for jobs that Singaporeans could do? Do foreigners do National Service and protect this country?

Ah but this person I think you remember. Do you remember Mas Selamat? Do you remember how crowded our MRT trains have become?

The PAP says HDB flats are affordable – but after paying off your 30-year house loan, do you think you will have enough money in your CPF account for retirement? For people in their mid-30s like me, you better ask the PAP this question today – because when we retire 30 or 40 years later, Mah Bow Tan will no longer be around.

This year the PAP has said, lets secure our future together. But who are we protecting and securing the future for by voting for the PAP? Is it Singapore or the PAP?

As polling day approaches, I request all Singaporeans to ask themselves one important question. I need you to touch your heart and sincerely ask yourself this question – Is the PAP of today like the PAP leaders of many years, ago, people like Goh Keng Swee and Lim Kim San, who worked hard to lift an entire generation of Singaporeans out of poverty – or is today’s PAP one that supports high ministerial salaries, with two eyes on keeping itself in power?

For today’s rally speech, I want to reach out to two very different groups of people.

Firstly,  – for those civil servants who are afraid of voting for the Opposition, please think again. The PAP did not give you your job. The civil service will not crumble just because the PAP loses a few ministers. No matter which party is in power, our civil service is here to stay. A ministry does not collapse if a Minister is voted out of parliament. Because there are thousands of hard working, incorruptible and upright civil servants working behind the scenes keeping this country running on a daily basis, 24/7, 365 days a year.

In today’s Straits Times, there one reader commented, “Who is there to replace George Yeo?” I was quite surprised by this. Are ministers Gods who cannot be replaced? Senior Minister S Jayakumar, Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi and PAP Chairman Lim Boon Heng have already said bye bye. Did they ask the voters of Singapore for permission to step down? Voters of Aljunied GRC, the answer is obvious – another PAP man will take over as Minister.

Look what happened on nomination day. Steve Tan stepped down as a nominated PAP candidate. An unknown man – Mr Chia Shi Lu stepped in for him, I am sorry to inform you, Mr Chia has already sailed into parliament as Tanjong Pagar GRC was not contested. MG Chan Chun Sing has also already sailed into parliament. Maybe one of them can replace George Yeo. Surely they PAP has enough good candidates.

If Wayne Rooney doesn’t play for Manchester United, Manchester United does not collapse.

My friends, all Singaporeans, you will be surprised at what young people can do and achieve if you give them a chance.

I want to reach out in this speech is the youth of Singapore: every Singaporean, of any race or religion between the age of 18 and 35.

A few days ago, a young Singaporean by the name of Loh Pei Ying, a twenty-year old wrote a guest column on the website Yawning Bread. This is what she said,

“When the Workers’ Party called for volunteers on Facebook, I hesitated. I opened and closed the link at least 5 to 6 times before actually filling it out for submission. I was scared like everyone else my age, yet it is so silly because I know that there is nothing to be afraid of. I don’t want to live in fear anymore. This is my country and I’m merely exercising my rights as a citizen. I love Singapore and I want to make it better. A lot better.”

To Loh Pei Ying, wherever you are, the Workers’ Party salutes you. And I want your autograph.

To the youth of Singapore. This is indeed your country. Live your dreams here. Take ownership of your country. Be the change you want to be. Lead from the front and all remember, you must dare to dream.

And have the courage of Singaporeans like Loh Pei Ying. The Workers’ Party is committed to making Singapore a place where the youth play a role in politics early in their lives so they are prepared to drive this country to greater heights.

Friends, in a few days you will receive your grow and share bonus. You are free to choose to spend it or save it, but remember, on polling day, vote the Workers Party into parliament and lets move together towards a First World Parliament.


Rally Speech No. 2: 1 May 2011, Nee Soon Stadium

Dear voters and supporters of the Workers’ Party! Good evening to you!

And to Workers of Singapore – Happy Labour Day!

My friends, today I read the Straits Times, and I was surprised to read the comments of Mrs Jennifer Yeo, the wife of Minister George Yeo. She said, “who dares to try to kill my tiger, will have to deal with me.”

Fellow Singaporeans, I promise you, the Workers’ Party is not interested in killing any tigers. But like many tigers around the world, it appears as if George Yeo is being treated as an endangered species. And according to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, the quality of government will go down if George Yeo loses.

My friends, I promise you, we do not want to kill this tiger.

My friends, unlike SM Goh, I would not be worried about George Yeo. He is a good man, and a good human being. But in my view, he is definitely in the wrong political party.

In the next few months, Singapore will host another election. The Presidential Elections. I strongly recommend that George Yeo contest in the Presidential Elections. In that way, George Yeo will still be part of the government of Singapore if he wins. And SM Goh can relax.

But I have another solution for Senior Minister Goh. Maybe the best losing PAP candidates can be allowed to stay in Parliament as NCMPs. In that way, George Yeo can become an NCMP and still contribute to Singapore.

For today’s speech my friends, I want to reach out to two groups of people. First, to the voters in Aljunied GRC.

In today’s Straits Times, George Yeo said that we are asking the residents of Aljunied GRC to give the Workers’ Party, a blank cheque. George Yeo wants the Workers Party to show voters our plans for Aljunied GRC.

My friends, the Workers’ Party has one important rule that we abide by strictly – We will not play politics with the residents of Aljunied GRC by making empty promises to them. Under no circumstance will we lie to the people of Singapore. If we have the privilege of representing the residents of Aljunied, we will take over the Town Council first before making firm commitments.

Mr Eric Low, a PAP candidate who has lost to Mr Low Thia Khiang once in 2006 and before that in 2001, has said today that Hougang is a slum.

He can have his opinion, but let me tell you what the residents of, not just Hougang but also Potong Pasir have  – Pride, Honour, Dignity and Self-Respect!

The Workers’ Party has run Hougang for almost 20 years. Hougang Town Council is run well. Property prices in Hougang are steady. And Hougang Town Council under the able leadership of Workers’ Party Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang is professionally run.

The PAP says it has many plans for Aljunied. I would like to ask the PAP, George Yeo and his team one question –  Is the PAP going to play politics with the residents of Aljunied and withdraw all these plans if they lose?

My fellow Singaporeans, I have a handful of friends who are PAP members or Young PAP members. Sometimes they ask me, Pritam, I know you want to give back to Singapore society, but why did you do it through the Workers’ Party? Why not the PAP?

My friends the answer to this question is very easy.

It lies in the PAP’s policy of linking votes to upgrading. This is despicable. All this policy does is to divide Singapore and Singaporeans.

My friends, the residents of Hougang and Potong Pasir pay the same income tax as all other Singaporeans. If war comes to Singapore tomorrow, we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with each other, regardless of race or religion or constituency.

My question to the PAP and Young PAP is this – How can any self-respecting Singaporean join a ruling party that behaves in such a morally reprehensible manner.

Some people say to me, Pritam, this is politics.

Well my friends, I cannot accept a policy that divides Singaporeans into first and second class citizens. That is why I cannot accept the PAP politicking of the upgrading issue. And with respect fellow Singaporeans, neither should you.

The second group of people I want to reach out to today are the Malay voters of Singapore.

You have a right to know how the Workers’ Party will deal with Malay issues. I have a Diploma in Islamic Studies. But that does not mean I have the answers to Islamic issues. It also does not mean that I have all the answers to Malay issues. But what I do have is some knowledge and understanding to deal with Malay issues with sensitivity. In my view, Malay issues like all other race-related issues, are national issues. We are all Singaporeans.

One of the most important issues affecting the Malay community is that of education. Even after the founding of Mendaki in 1982, almost 30 years ago, the performance of Malay students has not improved relative to the other communities. Only slightly more than 1 percent of Malay students were awarded government PSC scholarship from 2002-2010. It is clear to me, that in spite of the commendable performance of Malay leaders and community elders, a fresh approach is required to look at education issues. One that looks at the problem from a national perspective.

The Malay community is not alone. I am a Sikh, and an Indian. At a recent retreat of Sikh community leaders, one of the pressing issues identified as faced by the community is the falling academic standards of Sikh students. In 2009, the Sikh students’ performance at the O levels examinations level left many concerned. Generally it was observed that Sikh students were performing at about 1/3 below the national average. Hypothetically speaking, if the passing rate at the national level was 90%, the passing rate for Sikhs was 60%-odd percent.

My fear is the Malay community and even other communities, like some members of the Indian community – may be stuck in a trap we cannot get out of. In spite of tuition grants and bursaries etc. and various other well-intentioned measures, it appears as if no one has been brave enough to say, ‘this may not be working, lets relook at things, and come up with a new plan’.

For the immediate term, we need a comprehensive reappraisal of the educational performance of minority students in Singapore. It cannot be business as usual.

My concern is that if the Malay community votes for the PAP, there will be no impetus for change and bold ideas. The next generation of Malays and other minorities may face the same difficulties, because we failed to grab the bull by its horns today.

To all my Malay friends, the Workers’ Party wants you to remember this: this is your country, you are a part of this country. Don’t let anyone say you can’t achieve your dreams here. You can. Speak up with honesty and integrity and with the well-being of your community in mind. The Workers’ Party stands shoulder to shoulder with you in this endeavour.

Undilah Parti Perkerja! Vote for an alternative voice with the integrity and sincerity to respectfully raise community matters to Parliament in a rational, respectable and responsible manner.


Rally Speech No. 3: 3 May 2011, Open field bounded by Sengkang East Avenue and Sengkang East Drive

Dear voters and friends,

In my last rally, I sought to reach out to Malay voters, sharing with them my concerns if they vote for the PAP. But for some reason, Straits Times reporter Teo Wan Gek reported in the Straits Times today, that I had [quote] “slammed Mendaki [unquote], the Malay self-help group.

My friends, I am not so proud and arrogant as to want to slam anyone let alone Mendaki. I was mindful to state that current Malay leaders and elders had performed commendably in seeking to uplift the standards of the education in Malay community. And I called for a reappraisal of their educational performance, and for a national approach in dealing with issues that affect the community.

In response to my last rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long said and I quote, “I will not expect an opposition MP who wants to collect Malay votes to say anything different from what Pritam Singh said.” [unquote]

My friends, issues that affect our lives do not just magically spring up every 5 years during the elections. Yes an election is about votes and voters, but it is fundamentally about our vision as Singaporeans for the future of Singapore – regardless of race, language or religion.

Our inter-racial community bonds reflect the strength of our multi-racialism.

So to all voters and fellow Singaporeans and Prime Minister Lee, if I or my party receive feedback that there are problems or issues affecting not just the Malay community but Indian, Eurasian or Chinese communities, we will speak up whether it is election time or not. The WP will not deliberately politicise these issues for partisan advantage, but that does not mean we should be expected to keep quiet when they come up. But what my party promises to Singaporeans is this – we will raise these issues, rationally, respectfully and responsibly.

My friends, Singapore is all we have. And Singapore is bigger than the PAP. The Workers’ Party will look after all Singaporeans in this place we call home, regardless of race, language, religion or gender.

For the next part of my speech, I want to reach out to all Singaporeans from every race and religion by sharing with you an encounter I had with a resident of Aljunied – who out of the blue suggested to me that Singapore was ready for a non-Chinese Prime Minister.

I told him I was comfortable and confident with a Prime Minister from any race.  But I also told him that if the PM was a man, I would want him to have completed his national service.

Since then, I have thought about this question a little more.

The PAP has a very capable female MP by the name of Halimah Yacob who for the last five years has asked many questions in parliament on labour-related issues, and issues which affect ordinary working-class Singaporeans. In my mind, she is a first-world parliamentarian. Can I see her as Prime Minister of Singapore? My friends, yes I can.

The PAP also has another female MP, Indranee Rajah, who in an article in the Straits Times on 11 Mar 2011, conceded that better explanation and early engagement with the Indian community could have pre-empted the community’s unhappiness over the new rules introduced this year in regard to Thaipusam festivities. Ms Rajah said, and [I quote] “just like in the integration of foreigners, we need explanation, dialogue, communication.” [unquote].

Now explanation, dialogue and communication are the key characteristics of the Workers’ Party’s first world parliament. So yes, I think Indranee Rajah’s can also be a potential Prime Minister of Singapore.

Now there is another female candidate you should be familiar with my friends – she needs no introduction. She is honest, forthright, energetic and without fear. Even as an NCMP in the last five years, she has asked more questions in parliament than the overwhelming majority of PAP MPs. Her name is Sylvia Lim. Do you think she will make a good Prime Minister? I think she will make a good PM.

So my friends, not only are we ready for a Singaporean Prime Minister from any community, we are also ready for a First World Parliament where the Prime Minister is a woman.

Singapore’s best years are ahead of us. Lets move to a First World Parliament where “explanation, dialogue and communication” with the people of Singapore is the norm.

Vote Workers’ Party towards a First World Parliament!


Rally Speech No. 4: 4 May 2011, Open field bounded by Ubi Road 3, Ubi Avenue 1 and Ubi Avenue 2 

Dear voters of Aljunied GRC,

Two very strange things have happened over the last two days. First, Prime Minister Lee has said sorry for all the wrong things the PAP have done in the last five years. Aljunied GRC PAP candidate Minister Lim Hwee Hua on the other hand is not so apologetic – she has asked the Workers’ Party to be transparent. So Minister Lim Hwee Hua, I will devote this entire speech to the PAP and how it deals with transparency and accountability.

To the respected Prime Minister, your apology to Singaporeans aside I ask you Sir, what are your plans for Singapore’s future. Mr Prime Minister, I am not talking about material things, upgrading etc. which your party has threatened and burdened Singaporean voters with for the last 20 years. You have said sorry, but I ask you, is anything going to change?

Are you sorry about emotionally pressuring Singaporeans by linking votes to upgrading? Are you going to continue allowing opposition MPs to conduct meet the people sessions at HDB void decks? I ask you this today, so you do not have to apologise a few days before election day.

Residents of Aljunied GRC, in the name of accountability and transparency, the  Workers’ Party has proposed the enactment of a Freedom of Information Act in our 2006 and 2011 manifestos. Let me share two examples with you my friends why information that affects the lives of ordinary Singaporeans must be shared with the people of Singapore.

First, to Minister Mah Bow Tan, a young engineer in Serangoon North requested me to share something with you. Many young people who already work long hours are finding HDB flats very expensive – it is hard to for them to plan for their future and retirement. That’s why many delay having children or only have one child. They also have a filial responsibility to look after their parents. I ask you Minister Mah to touch your heart and feel the reality of the Singapore heartland. We do not have your million-dollar salary. You don’t need to plan for financial future. We do. Minister Mah, this is a message from the youth of Singapore – make new HDB flats cheaper.

The PAP constantly says HDB prices are affordable. Now my friends, there is a big elephant inside the HDB building in Toa Payoh. Every Singaporean can see this elephant, except Minister Mah Bow Tan. He says public housing is heavily subsidized – ok. About 30 years ago, the former PAP Minister for National Development, Teh Cheang Wan revealed to Singaporeans what the cost price of a HDB flat was. But since Mah Bow Tan became Minister of National Development, the cost price of HDB flats have never been publically revealed. Friends, it seems as if the PAP was much more transparent about the cost price of HDB flats 30 years ago!

In 1985, the PAP set up the Feedback Unit. The man behind the feedback unit was then DPM Goh Chok Tong who wanted the unit to be [I quote] a forum to understand major policies, ask questions, make suggestions, and generally participate in working out a solution [unquote]. One reason for the establishment of the feedback unit was in response to the victory of two lions at the 1984 Singapore General Elections – Chiam See Tong and JB Jeyaretnam.

My friends, about 15 years after the PAP set up the Feedback Unit, PAP MP Amy Khor said in parliament in 2002 that the Feedback Unit was [I quote] “a black hole from which no light emits”. [unquote] My friends, here you have a PAP MP, in parliament, frankly, openly telling Singapore citizens that giving feedback to the PAP government is similar to a waste of time. This was a rude shock to many in the PAP. So what happened next? The PAP made Amy Khor the Chairman of the Feedback Unit.

Under Amy Khor’s leadership, the Feedback Unit was given a fresh coat of paint and a new name. It is now called REACH (REACH stands for – Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry at Home). But my friends, does a leopard ever change its spots?

2 months ago, REACH called for more transparency and more information on foreigner inflow into Singapore and the PAP government’s criteria for PR applications. REACH asked for this information so Singaporeans can understand and eventually support the foreign talent policy. The Minister in charge of our immigration and foreign talent policy is Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng. This is what he said – as quoted by the Straits Times on 26 February 2011.

“The more information we provide – it does not lead to a better outcome.” He added, “no country has given such detailed information about how they select their people. We should similarly adopt the same position.” My friends, Minister Wong Kan Seng does not want to share details of the PAP’s foreign talent policy. To Minister Lim Hwee Hua is this the transparency you are talking about?

My response to Minister Wong is this – we are not any other country. We are Singapore. The PAP has not told us what is the optimal population size they have in mind for Singapore. 5.5m, 6.5m or 7.5m? These are important questions because they affect all Singaporeans greatly. One question middle-income Singaporeans ask is whether they should buy a second property? Because if the population is going up, then it’s a good idea since there will always be someone who wants to rent your second property. So if your target is 7.5m, I hope the Prime Minister commits to sharing this information with all Singaporeans, before the PAP decides to open the floodgates to foreigners once more.

Mr Prime Minister, please don’t misunderstand Singaporeans or the Workers’ Party. We do not expect you to be perfect. We are all human beings, with our strengths and our weaknesses. But please, treat us like equal Singaporeans and commit yourself to a public service that is substantively accountable, and substantively transparent. To the residents of Aljunied GRC, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam only a few days ago said, a strong opposition is good for Singapore and good for the PAP. A vote for the Workers’ Party will not just benefit you, and your children. Government transparency and accountability will benefit all Singaporeans!

Vote Workers’ Party and let’s move towards a first world Parliament.


Rally Speech No. 5: 5 May 2011, Serangoon Stadium

Good evening my friends,

Firstly, I would like to thank all you for coming to our rallies over the last week. I would like to devote this speech to the voters of Aljunied GRC in particular.

My friends, a few days ago the Straits Times reported that about 30 PAP posters in Aljunied GRC were missing and 29 had been vandalized. I don’t know who did this, but on behalf of the Workers’ Party, I would like to request to all Singaporeans that no such act be repeated during cooling-off day.

The elections are a period of time where emotions generally run high and where the Workers’ Party pushes hard to fight for a better Singapore than we had five years ago. The Workers’ Party has been doing this since 1957 and we plan on continuing do so in future. But even then, my fellow Singaporeans, lets work to keep our politics civil and clean, and not engage in acts of vandalism, or indulge in political smear campaigns or insinuate that someone is playing politics just because he speaks up for his fellow Singaporeans.

I am proud to say that the Workers’ Party has strove to retain a sense of discipline and decorum in Singapore politics, and these elections were no different. We raised national issues rationally, respectably and responsibly. It does not matter if you are a Chinese, Malay, Indian or Eurasian – You must expect the Workers’ Party to speak up for you and your community. After all, this is in the national interest – and in Singapore’s interest.

Now to the youth of Singapore, these elections present us with a historic moment. This is not just an ordinary election about choosing one party over the other. These elections are about changing the spirit and substance of Singapore politics. The Prime Minister has said sorry, and this is a good start. I hope I am right that this signals a new, honourable brand of politics in Singapore. Where opposition MPs and Singaporeans who support opposition parties are seen and treated as equal citizens who are fundamentally loyal to Singapore.

You will have noticed over the last two days in particular, a clear lack of coverage by the mainstream media on the support received from Aljunied residents by the Workers’ Party team. To my friends in the media, coverage this year, has been better than years gone by, but as a voter, can I suggest to you that there is much more room for improvement. Like the PAP, the media also has to step up and play its part in shaping a more honourable brand of politics in Singapore.

Now my friends, let me share with you one hard truth. When we wake up on 8 May, parliament may be represented by 87 PAP MPs and no opposition members. This may happen, especially if you consider how many obstacles are placed before the opposition in Singapore.

But whatever happens, please, especially the youth of Singapore, do not give up on this country.

If there is one thread that runs through the Workers’ Party’s manifesto – it is the thread of transparency and accountability. To the youth of Singapore – these are two words you should never forget when dealing with the any political party in Singapore – not just the PAP, but the Workers’ Party even. 21st century governance in Singapore calls for a new relationship between the citizens and the government.

It is my hope, my fellow Singaporeans – and it does not matter which party you support or root for, I hope you do you national duty by raising the standards of governance in Singapore by holding any government to high standards of transparency and accountability regardless what happens after polling day.

To the undecided voters of Aljunied. I apologise if we have not been able to convince you to vote the Workers’ Party yet. We are a small party, membership remains small, but since the last elections in 2006, the Workers’ Party has knocked on the doors of nearly all the 500-over flats in Aljunied GRC.

Residents of Aljunied, you want the best for your country as would all Singaporeans, of every race or religion. But to the undecided voters of Aljunied do allow me to leave you with the words of Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, a former administrative service officer who by the time he retired from the civil service in 1999, had served as the Permanent Secretary of no less than 6 ministries. In an interview with the Straits Times on 28 September 2003, he was asked:

“Q.  Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew?

A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves the right legacy. What sort of legacy he wants to leave is for him to say, but I, a blooming upstart, dare to suggest to him that we should open up politically and allow talent to be spread throughout our society so that an alternative leadership can emerge. So far, the People’s Action Party’s tactic is to put all the scholars into the civil service because it believes the way to retain political power forever is to have a monopoly on talent. But in my view, that’s a very short term view. It is the law of nature that all things must atrophy. Unless SM allows serious political challenges to emerge from the alternative elite out there, the incumbent elite will just coast along. At the first sign of a grassroots revolt, they will probably collapse just like the incumbent Progressive Party to the left-wing PAP onslaught in the late 1950s.  I think our leaders have to accept that Singapore is larger than the PAP.”

To conclude, I think the voters of Aljunied have a right to know how we as an opposition will behave in parliament, should we be bestowed with the privilege of doing so. To that end, I can only quote the words of the founder of the Workers’ Party, Mr David Marshall.

“To play dirty, to be vicious & malicious, to be obstructive for the sake of filth, for the sake of making a point, for the sake of personal glorification or party advantage is to act criminally. The duty of an Opposition is to act with vigour in guiding and criticising with integrity, the conduct of the Govt, to make heard the voices of the minority without fear.”

My friends, it is my commitment to you, that the Aljunied GRC Workers’ Party team will make worthy first world parliamentarians.


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